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ME: Ahem.  *clears throat*  In an effort to bypass the traditional list of things you may be curious about me, I’ve decided to allow the heroine of my upcoming novel THREE DAYS TO DEAD to conduct a brief interview.  Evangeline “Evy” Stone is a former paranormal bounty hunter who is resurrected into a new, somewhat clumsy body with only three days—

EVY: Didn’t they read all that on the front page of this website?

ME: Well, probably.  I was trying to give you an intro.

EVY: This isn’t my interview.  Introduce yourself.

ME: But that’s what the interview is for.  I can answer questions, but I kind at suck public speaking and making stuff up off the top of my head.

EVY: Evidently.

ME: What?

EVY: Never mind.  Okay, so I’m Evy Stone, here talking with my author and creator, Kelly Meding.  So why don’t we start with A/S/L information?

ME: With what?

EVY: Age, sex, location.

ME: Female, duh.  I live in a little town in Eastern Shore Maryland, about ten minutes from Ocean City, with my best friend and one slightly neurotic cat.

EVY: Your best friend is a neurotic cat?

ME: No, my cat is neurotic.

EVY: That’s what I said.

ME: Evy…

EVY: Moving on, you forgot age.

ME: Over twenty-one.

EVY: Fair enough.  How long have you been a writer?

ME: Since I was twelve.  I wrote my first, horrible attempt at a YA novel back in seventh grade, and I’m forever grateful to a former friend who destroyed it in a fit of adolescent anger.  Saves my eyes from bleeding.  I moved onto writing screenplays in high school and college, and then went back to prose during my last two years in college.

EVY: Where’d you go and what’d you study?

ME: I have a Bachelor of Arts in Communication, Film Studies Concentration, from Messiah College.

EVY: Never heard of it.

ME: The degree or the school?

*rattling*  *mic feedback*

EVY: So my life is all work, work, work.  Does that mean your life is write, write, write?

ME: A good portion of my free time, yes.  But I also hold down a part-time job at a major home furnishing retailer (I love decorating and design), which helps pay the bills.  When I’m not writing or working, I can be found reading a good book, making jewelry, painting ceramics, playing with my cat, or watching movies.

EVY: Okay, good, you’re giving me something to work with here.  Five movies everyone should see?

ME: The Secret of NIMH, L.A. Confidential, Band of Brothers, A Nightmare on Elm Street, and The Dark Knight.

EVY: Jeez, eclectic much?  How about books?

ME: Five books?  Um…Watership Down, by Richard Adams; The Story Girl, by LM Montgomery; The Stand, by Stephen King; the Little House on the Prairie series; anything by Gena Showalter (she’s awesome!).

EVY: Any of those books have characters who actually get to <Deleted by the Spoiler Police>.  You are no fun.

ME: Any other questions for me?

EVY: I can think of a few, but they’d probably get deleted, too.

ME: Very likely.  Well, that’s that.  Say good night, Gracie.

EVY: Who the hell’s Gracie?

ME: *sighs*

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